Music as awareness and consciousness tool! This is the goal of PeaceDrums, the concert-event spreads the values of peace, dialogue and hospitality in a single moment. Hence the idea of a widespread concert that allowed the involvement of many people from far away countries. The beating of the heart of those who land becomes a throb of peace through the sea to the rhythm of music and thousands of drums that are answered from coast to coast.
PeaceDrums wants to be the instrument of our awareness that encourages us to act for peace and dialogue in the Mediterranean.
The event, designed by Filippo Sciacca, sustainable Marketing expert, organized with the Festival of Generations, EMMA for Peace and a team of professionals, saw its first edition materialize on September 23.

While Lampedusa represents the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily is the symbolic centre from which the “heart beats of the Mediterranean” have started for peace and solidarity. In fact, the first drum, which represented the beginning of the diffused concert, was played on 23 September by S. Alessio Siculo and thanks to a streaming link on the same day, in succession from Sicily, the music was propagated towards a multitude of places in the Mediterranean Sea.
First from the coasts of the small Ionian country, then from the shores of other countries, percussionists, musicians, amateurs and professionals responded to the call of a dialogue through the waves of music… The waves of the sea. The beach represented the starting point of a dialogue. A rhythm that leads to the ancestral essence of life: The pulsations of the heart. For one day the sound that crossed the Mediterranean was not the echo of the wars in Libya or Syria or the engines of the tumbrils of the sea carrying the migrants, but beats of drums in honor of the beats of the heart of those who started from his land. The music has conveyed a message of peace, of closeness and friendship among the peoples that overlook a sea that will return to be a vehicle of cultural exchange as it has always been.
Lampedusa is the gate of the Mediterranean, crossroads of peoples, it is an island that becomes bridge. In Lampedusa who comes from the sea is man to sea, it is life to save. This is a very delicate historical moment for the theme of migration of peoples and finds representation in the “Museum of Trust and Dialogue for the Mediterranean”, which stems from the concrete commitment to dialogue and the reception of the former mayor Island Giusi Nicolini.

#LampedusaSuona and asks the Mediterranean people to resonate loudly, because the sound of peace comes everywhere.

• Its character and its dissemination is international;
It is supported and sponsored by the main associations, NGOs, institutions and personalities dealing with migrants and dialogue between peoples:;
• has been broadcast direct web streaming, TV, radio and social network;
• It was a viral event: more than 150 artists joined; personalities of the cultural and artistic world that with their music and voice have become ambassadors of these values; 25 associations that organized concert/event, voluntarily adhering to the project with amateur contributions and all from different countries of the Mediterranean: 15 to be exact, including, together with Italy, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Greece, France, Spain, Tunisia, UAE, Algeria, Croatia and Kenya and the partenship uses with;
• The event was circulated on the Web site and FB page, because participation was open to all, with free contributions and volunteers in line with the principles of peace and dialogue.

The modalities of accession were as follows:
• Presentation of Filippo Sciacca at the concert in S. Alessio Siculo – with, artists and personalities of the cultural world;
• Online distribution – Facebook channel #Play4PeaceDrums broadcast of the concert organized in another place;
• Offline distribution – Sending a musical contribution that was broadcast on September 23rd.

The project was supported by a fundraiser on a platform of crowdfunding and through the contribution of sponsors. The funds will be used to finance the event and will contribute to the purchase of musical instruments for Istituto inclusive Luigi Pirandello, musical address of Lampedusa, and for the Conservatory of Damascus.

To be aware of the success of the event, simply search on Google PeaceDrums Lampedusa or through the hashtag #Play4PeaceDrums or view the Facebook page that bears the same name or the site
It will be possible to hear the direct opening of the concert in S. Alessio Siculo thanks to the direct recorded from Radio 100 steps and see hundreds of video contributions, more than 120 membership, 20 ad hoc parties in the 16 different countries involved. Roy Paci, Francesco Taskayali, Tony Esposito, Mose Concas, Paul Marzocchi are just some of the artists who have decided to join and support while from abroad Lawrence Ainar, Emmanuel Chrysis, Sylvia Ponchai, Jimphabul, Julien Saïman, Walid Bub, Dit Bohème, Nadjib Saddlal, Qalid Kadi. To date, have been more than 125 places that have voluntarily joined the project with amateur contributions and all from different countries of the Mediterranean: 16 to be exact, including, together with Italy, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Greece, France, Spain, Tunisia, UAE, Algeria, Slovenia, Croatia and Kenya, Argentina and the Partenship USA with

They were so many to embrace us at a distance, even simply with demonstrations of support! A thank you to each of you seems dutiful to us.
If PeaceDrums has been successful, and so widespread, it is the merit of all those who have held head and heart connected to one another, not losing sight of the ultimate goal: to send a message of peace that was as strong as possible!

The climate towards the theme of peace of dialogue and welcome, since the adventure began, has become always delicate and complex:

• The defeat of Giusy Nicolini;
• Investigations of the judiciary on NGOs;
• Annulment of the round Table on peace with African ambassadors;
• The consequent resizing of the stage of the Festival of generations;
• The mayor’s step back to 5 days from the event;

They are all signs that the political climate on the subject of reception and migrants has changed, so much so that Parliament cannot discuss the draft law on the Ius soli.
In spite of everything, all together in the Mediterranean we have made a single great sound vibrate: the wave of peace!
We believe we have done the utmost with the heart and with the head, and we think that next year PeaceDrums will be even more widespread and the sound of Peace of dialogue and reception will be audible everywhere. Thank you with all the heartbeats that still resonate from one beach to the other of the Mediterranean!

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